Technology has continued to revolutionize human activities and processes. Every day, new tech innovations are been built in other to solve man most pressing needs. The creative industry is not left out. The introduction of drones changed the industry’s game plan in a big way. Globally, drones have been tagged as the hottest technology on the planet.

Drones services include; filming, photography, mapping, 3D modelling, video production and deliveries, and have even become the subject of their own racing events. The world of media has really conquered the idea of using drones to their fullest extent. A lot of movies these days are shot using quadcopters and other drones with Magnus Media Studios Magnus Film Academy at the forefront of this development. If you are opportune to see Magnus Film Academy latest movie for cinema, BREAK THE BLADE as directed by Cyril Odenigbo, you will appreciate the technology.

This idea has given the movie industry a completely new look and some of the names that come up when we talk about filmography with drones are James Bond’s Skyfall, the well-acclaimed Leonard Di Caprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the evergreen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the popular television series Game of Thrones and many more. Filmmakers have fully grasped the idea of drone flight in their creative process and have managed to generate a wide range of new ideas and perspectives.

While you can use drones in achieving amazing visual captures, its benefits are staggering too. Below are some of them.

Quality Aerial Imaging: Drones are excellent for taking high-quality aerial photographs and video, and collecting vast amounts of imaging data

Precision: Since unmanned aerial vehicles use GPS (the Global Positioning System), they can be programmed and maneuvered accurately to precise locations. This is especially helpful in a variety of situations. 

More convenient: During your remote location projects, we eliminate the logistical headache of finding and shipping a helicopter, pilot, or gimbal system, etc. Simply send members of our team along with your crew and experience the same predictable high level of service every time.

Easily Deployable

: With advances in control technology, most drones can be deployed and operated with relatively minimal experience. Combined with the relatively low cost of most models, drones are becoming accessible to a wide range of operators


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